ARIA DOM Properties: Setting Roles, Properties and States

In addition to using in-line HTML code and the setAttribute and getAttribute DOM methods for setting ARIA roles, properties and states, new DOM properties will also be available through the IDL Interface requirements defined in ARIA 1.2 Editor's Working Draft.

Setting ARIA Role
Role tablist
Inline <div role="tablist">
setAttribute e.setAttribute("role", "tablist");
DOM Property (ARIA 1.2) e.role = tablist";
Setting Accessible Name
Attribute aria-label
Inline <div role="button" aria-label="Play">
setAttribute e.setAttribute("aria-label", "play");
DOM Property (ARIA 1.2) e.ariaLabel = "Play";
Setting State
Attribute aria-checked
Inline <div role="checkbox" aria-checked="mixed">
setAttribute e.setAttribute("aria-checked", "mixed");
DOM Property (ARIA 1.2) e.ariaChecked = "mixed";

NOTE: ARIA DOM Properties are only available on the most recent browser releases.