Test Page: .ariaLabel DOM Property

Accessibility problems exist when return values for .ariaLabel are "undefined" or return a type that is not the same on every browser. Developers assume that DOM properties for ARIA roles, properties and states are consistent between browsers, and when they are not that causes accessibility problems.

Getting value with .ariaLabel property
Setting Code Return value of .ariaLabel
<input type="checkbox" aria-label="My label"/>
<div role="checkbox" aria-label="My label">
e.setAttribute('aria-label', 'My label');
e.ariaLabel = 'My label';
.ariaLabel property is not computed accessible name.
Setting Code Return value of .ariaLabel
<input type="checkbox" aria-labelledby="id-label"/><span id="id-label">My label</span>
My label
<div role="checkbox" title="My label">
e.setAttribute('title', 'My label');
e.title = 'My label';

NOTE: Getting value of .ariaLabel property is only associated with the aria-label attribute, and is not a way to get the "computed" label for an widget element.