Accessible Description Calculation

Accessible Description Techniques

Priority Technique Description
1 aria-describedby
  • The aria-describedby attribute contains a list of IDREFs to elements on the page.
  • Text content of referenced elements are concatenated to compute the accessible description.
  • Designed to reference visible text on the screen, like instructions and error feedback.
2 title
  • If no other source of an accessible description is found and the element has a title attribute that is not being used to define an accessible name, the content of the title attribute is used to define the accessible description.
Postponed to 1.3 aria-description
  • Similar to aria-label attribute, text content is used to define an accessible description.
  • The aria-description attribute is in the current editors working draft for ARIA 1.2, but will be removed and will most likely be included in ARIA 1.3.