SkipTo: Installing and Configuration

  • Include a reference to the CDN version of the script:
  • Alternatively you can include reference a local copy of the skipto.js script in the page or page template.
  • To change default settings use the SkipToConfig object.
    • CSS Selectors are used for defining which elements are included in the Landmarks and Headings groups.
    • The CSS selectors can be modified through configuration from the default settings.
    • Colors can also be customized and there is also a theme option, including an "Illinois" theme.
    • Full list of configuration options.

Example Configuration

  <script src=""></script>
      var SkipToConfig =  {
          'settings': {
              'skipTo': {
                  landmarks: 'main, [role="main"], [role="search"], nav',
                  headings: 'main h1, main h2',
                  colorTheme: 'illinois',
                  customClass: 'aitg'