HTML Heading and Landmark Elements

Heading Elements

Element Description
h1 Title of web page at the beginning of the main content.
  • Identify subsections of main region.
  • Identify title for complementary region.
  • Labels for top-level navigation and complementary landmark regions.
h3-h6 Identify subsections of top level regions using the heading level to identify nesting level of the section.

Landmark Elements

Role Element Description
banner header Shared content at the beginning of most pages within a website.
complementary aside Content that is related to the main content of a website, that is often located in a sidebar.
contentinfo footer Shared content at the bottom of most web pages within a website.
main main Identifies the main content of a web page.
navigation nav Identifies links related to website navigation.
region section with accessible name Typically identifies subsections of other landmark regions.
search [role=search] Identifies search forms on a web page.