Accessibility Awareness: Inclusive Design

Video Transcript
[Narrator, Tim Yang]
Designing for accessibility supports inclusive design.
Keep in mind that for every student who discloses a disability, several others may not disclose theirs.
Also, inclusive design supports not only permanent disabilities but also temporary and situational needs.
By creating accessible content, we’re creating inclusive classrooms for all students.
For more information, visit the Microsoft Inclusive design toolkit.

Inclusive Design is hosted on Illinois Media Space and was created by Tim Yang as part of the Illinois Lighthouse Project.

Inclusive Design Principles are about putting people first. It’s about designing for the needs of people with permanent, temporary, situational, or changing disabilities — all of us really.

They are intended to give anyone involved in the design and development of websites and applications – designers, user experience professionals, developers, product owners, idea makers, innovators, artists, and thinkers – a broad approach to inclusive design. (

How to Use This Video

Here are some suggestions on using this video:

  • Instructors might include this video as a part of a course to learn more about the importance of inclusive design.
  • Individuals might use this video to raise awareness in their department for a disability awareness event.
  • Presenters might use this video as a part of their accessibility training.

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