Accessibility Awareness: Microsoft Accessibility Checker

Video Transcript
[Narrator, Tim Yang]
Did you know that there’s an accessibility checker built into Microsoft Office?
You can find the accessibility checker under review, Accessibility.
Some accessibility issues can be fixed with one click.
You can even enable real-time checking while you work.
Learn more about the Microsoft Office accessibility checker at

Microsoft Accessibility Checker Video is hosted on Illinois Media Space and was created by Tim Yang as part of the Illinois Lighthouse Project.

The first step in creating more universally accessible instructional materials is awareness, and this informational video on the Microsoft Accessibility Checker will help people to review and revise documents and presentations to meet accessibility standards when creating instructional materials.

How to Use This Video

  • Instructors might include this video as a part of a course and ask students to test MS documents and presentations for accessibility compliance.
  • Individuals might use this video to raise awareness in their department for a disability awareness event.
  • Presenters might use this video as a part of their accessibility training.

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