Accessible Name Calculation

Accessible Name Techniques

Priority Technique Description
1 aria-labelledby
  • The aria-labelledby attribute contains a list of IDREFs to elements on the page.
  • Text content of referenced elements are concatenated to compute the accessible name.
  • References typically identify visible text on the screen in visual proximity to the control.
2 aria-label
  • The aria-label attribute text content defines the accessible name.
  • New in ARIA 1.2: DOM property .ariaLabel to get and set the aria-label attribute.
3 text content
  • Some ARIA widget roles allow the text content of the container element to define an accessible name (e.g. role="checkbox").
  • Text content includes text alternatives, for example alt attribute content of an img element.
  • Text content includes text from generated CSS, for example when the content property is used.
4 title
  • If no other source of an accessible name is found and the element has a title attribute, the content of the title attribute will used to define the accessible name.