SkipTo Browser Extension


The “Skip to Landmarks and Headings” extension was developed by members of the Accessible IT Group, here at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

“Skip to Landmarks and Headings” extends the Chrome and Firefox browsers by identifying and providing navigation to the ARIA landmark regions and HTML section headings (h1–h6) of a web page. The extension provides a menu divided into two groups: (1) the important landmark regions and (2) an outline of the heading structure of the page.

The keyboard shortcut for opening the menu is alt+2 (or option+2 on macOS) and cursors keys can be used to navigate the menu. Activating a menu item scrolls the item into view and moves keyboard focus to the corresponding section of the page.

“Skip to Landmarks and Headings” provides a means for people using the keyboard to efficiently navigate to specific content on the page. The outline of headings provides an easy way for people to view the topics on a web page without having to scroll through the entire page.


“Skip to Landmarks and Headings” can be installed in Chrome or Firefox by visiting their respective extensions websites:

Source Code

“Skip to Landmarks and Headings” is open source software and the code can be found at the GitHub SkipTo Extension repository.