AInspector WCAG

AInspector WCAG is an open source add-on for the Firefox browser that, when activated, automatically analyzes the page loaded in the active tab for compliance with accessibility requirements defined by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), and for proper use of accessibility features defined by the current HTML Standard (previously known as HTML5).

Web Accessibility Standards

Each evaluation rule that AInspector WCAG uses is based on one or more of the requirements and features from the following widely-accepted standards:

Evaluation Rules

AInspector WCAG produces evaluation results that are structurally identical to those produced by FAE. This is because it utilizes the same Evaluation Library, which comprises a set of over 120 evaluation rules.

The rules in the Evaluation Library are organized into categories with which most web developers are familiar, including headings, lists, forms, tables, etc.

Why Use AInspector WCAG?

FAE is used for evaluating entire websites, while AInspector WCAG is for evaluating a single web page. However, AInspector WCAG does offer advantages and features not present in FAE. AInspector WCAG:

  • evaluates pages that are behind a firewall if you are logged into the site with Firefox;
  • allows you to evaluate dynamic content (for example, content that only appears after selecting a button or other widget on the page) via its timer-activated re-evaluation feature;
  • selectively highlights elements on the page according to the evaluation result types you specify.