Next Generation Tools

Accessibility often involves hidden information that is impossible to determine from viewing the graphical rendering of a web page. For this reason, people are dependent on tools to help them understand the accessibility of a page.

Our next generation tools build on our experience in creating AInspector WCAG for Firefox and the Accessibility Bookmarklets for all browsers, leading us to envision tools that provide an integrated experience of visualization and evaluation of web pages to help people understand accessibility.

The tools will highlight and help people evaluate accessibility features through browser extensions and provide a way to more easily share evaluation results.


  • Help users understand the accessibility requirements of WCAG 2.1.
  • Support users in focusing on the accessibility issues most important to them.
  • Support users in understanding and completing manual checks.
  • Export evaluation results for reporting.
  • Support the use of HTML, SVG and ARIA 1.2 accessibility features and best practices.


  • Combine the evaluation features of AInspector WCAG and the visualization features of the Accessibility Bookmarklets.
  • Rule category based tools:
    • Visualizations of the state of accessibility.
    • List of elements for a particular category.